Blogger spectacularly shuts down fat-shaming


In a matter of seven tweets, a body-positive blogger has made an impeccable point about fat shaming.

After constantly receiving hurtful comments and feeling judged because of her size, Callie Thorpe questioned why people seem so concerned with her health.

“I am unhealthy,” she says, “But that does not make me less human, less deserving of respect.”

Photo: Instagram

“I'd like to take a bet that you too are unhealthy, perhaps you drink too much, smoke, sunbath with no sunscreen, get too little sleep.

“That also makes you unhealthy. But because my body 'looks unhealthy' I'm the one that is mocked, bullied, made an example of.”

Moral of the story is that yes, some overweight people lead very healthy lifestyles and some don’t. But the exact same thing goes for everybody else.

Being skinny is no excuse to lecture, judge or criticise people who aren’t.