Doc warns: Hidden danger of fidget spinners


They're the latest craze to take over our classrooms: 'fidget spinners', promoted as an aid to help kids with ADHD and autism to focus on their schoolwork.

Like yoyos, POGs and Pokemon cards before them, the cheap and cheerful little gadgets are now a must-have for any self-respecting schoolkid.

Harmless toy or bad distraction? Source: Getty

But Dr Annemarie Christie says she'll never give her son, who has ADHD, a fidget spinner.

"Many fidget spinners make noise of varying intensity depending on the state of the bearing. This can be very distracting both to the child holding the toy and to those around him. While fun and interesting, this will not help them to concentrate in a classroom," Anne Marie wrote in the Hills Shire Times.

Apart from being too noisy, the toys are also often flashy and distracting.

"The newer fidget spinners are all about design. They are often brightly coloured and some even have flashing lights! Needless to say, this is incredibly distracting," Anne Marie wrote.

"There is no evidence that the modern fidget spinners will help a child to concentrate. And, while they’re fun to spin, they can be highly distracting to the child and those around them."

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