Research reveals the worst night for good sleep

Hot on the heels of a study claiming less sleep can actually make you less attractive (#prayforus) comes new research that has pinpointed exactly when you might struggle to get some zz’s.

Like any good Girl Scout, we like to be prepared, so this news is crucial when it comes to planning hot dates, organising big work meetings and other assorted need-to-be-on-the-ball moments.

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According to a survey by meditation app, there’s one night in particular that might see you counting sheep.

Research shows three times as many people report having trouble sleeping on Sunday.

That's right, there might actually be a scientific reason behind getting the Monday blues.

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“Many people go to bed later on Friday and Saturday nights and then sleep in later on Saturday and Sunday mornings,” Dr Steve Orma, clinical psychologist and insomnia specialist, said in a release.

“So, when they go to bed on Sunday night, they’re often just not tired. And then when they can’t sleep, they start to think about why they’re not sleeping, which only makes things worse.”

Guilty of having a Sunday sook? Research says you're not alone - and it might see you having a terrible sleep. Photo: Getty

Things don’t get much better the next night as well, with Monday night another one that people struggle with when it comes to getting shuteye.

Those looking forward to a good night’s sleep should bunker down and wait until Thursday.

If you’d prefer a more even distribution of good sleep, Dr Orma recommends keeping a regular schedule of wake-up times throughout the week.

Try and set your alarm for the same time every day for better sleep, say experts. Photo: Getty

Oh, and skipping the big boozy weekend helps too.

“On weekends, people drink more alcohol, which definitely disturbs sleep,” explains Dr Orma.

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