Is this the worst weight loss trend ever?

The message is simple – eat better and exercise more, that’s how you lose weight.

But it seems people are still after a quick fix and are now turning to a dangerous fad involving pregnancy hormones to fit into their goal dress.

The latest craze is called the ‘HCG diet’, which involves injecting the hormone human chorionic gonadotropin twice a day and sticking to a diet of 500 calories.

Women are injecting themselves with a pregnancy hormone. Photo: Getty

Apparently, the HCG manipulates the body’s natural tendency to store fat in stubborn areas like your stomach and thighs.

The hormone, which is produced naturally during pregnancy, along with the low calorie ‘diet’ claims to affect the body’s metabolism and ‘mobilise stored fat’.

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A 39-year-old woman has spoken out about being on the diet. Going by an alias, Rachel is a size zero and injects herself with HCG twice a day.

She says the diet has the same stigma as getting a lap band.

Rachel injects herself twice a day. Photo: Getty

“If I said I got this body by surviving on kale, running marathons on a treadmill and drinking charcoal water, everyone would be applauding me, saying ‘You go girl!’,” Rachel told Harpers Bazaar.

Health experts say there is actually no scientific evidence that shows HCG works for weight loss, and the body shouldn’t be overloaded with so many hormones.

Experts say the trend is risky. Photo: Getty

“If you’re giving women HCG, one of the risks is ovarian hyperstimulation,” he told

“In women who are using it to achieve weight loss, there are reports of women having strokes and other major health problems.”

Healthy eating and exercise are the best ways to lose weight. Photo: Getty

Surprisingly, these HCG injections are offered in a host of cosmetic and weight loss clinics around the country. But even practitioners say it is safer to eat healthy and exercise more instead.

Think we’ll stick to the treadmill thanks.

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