Cool trick: instant water freeze

Prepare for your mind to be blown because this trick is what magic is made of.

Usually when you freeze water, it turns straight to ice BUT filtered water allows you to instantly freeze liquid.

The science trick is called ‘supercooling’, and it occurs when you chill water below its freezing point.

It only works with filtered water as the liquid needs to be pure enough so that ice crystals don’t form (filtered water doesn’t contain impurities so there is nothing for the ice crystals to latch onto).

Water turns instantly to ice! Source: Supplied.

And the best part is, you can do it at home!

All you need is bottles of filtered water (use a few bottles as it might take a few attempts) and your freezer!

Make sure you set your freezer to its coldest setting and lay the filtered bottles (we used 600ml) on their side.

Check on the water after an hour and a half. When one of the bottles has frozen, it means the others have reached the ‘supercooling’ stage, or are at least close to the right temperature.

You can hit the bottle or pour it in the experiment. Source: Supplied.

Take one of the bottles out of the freezer and be careful not to knock it about too much as you will disturb the molecules.

Hit the bottle from the side, and hopefully the water will freeze instantly. You can also try pouring the water into a glass and watching it freeze right before your eyes.

It might not work on your first time but keep persevering and you’ll get there!

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