The freaky holiday snap going viral

A new photo from a traveller's journey to the Great Wall of China has left the internet baffled.

The freaky holiday snap going viral

The freaky holiday snap going viral

Imgur user TheGrisGrisMan posted the image of a man seemingly standing on the wall – with the entire perspective tilted a mindbending 90 degrees.

Wait a second... Source: Imgur

Eagle-eyed spotters will notice the two people walking behind the man – and realise he's actually sideways planking!

It's the latest photo to capture everyone's attention, with a pic of a "three-legged girl" recently blowing up the Internet as well.

Look very carefully at this image. Can you spot it? Source: Imgur

How is it possible? A photo of a girl kneeling on the floor has left the world puzzling – it looks like she has three legs.

Oddly, the photo first popped up a couple of years ago but has resurfaced to confuse everyone all over again.

Scroll down to see exactly how the illusion works!

Her 'right leg' is actually an urn. Source: Imgur

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