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Photo: Instagram

When Sydney law student Sarah Kohan isn’t hitting the books or prepping for exam season, she’s off travelling to some of the most picturesque destinations across the globe.

The 22-year-old doubles as a bikini-clad Instagram star and her passion for chasing after exotic sea creatures has rocketed her to social media fame and an impressive 255K followers.

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From swimming with turtles to hugging wild piglets and diving with sharks, you name it, Sarah’s done it – and all while looking uber hot!

Her recent adventures have taken her to places as far flung as Bora Bora, the Cook Islands, Hawaii and the Bahamas, and she hopes her travels will inspire people to find a new respect for wildlife.

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“Through my experiences I hope to bring awareness to local wildlife, especially by trying to break the stigma surrounding sharks,” she tells the Daily Telegraph.

“By being photographed with all types of sharks in their natural environment, I’m showing that they pose no threat as long as you are respectful to them.”

Photo: Instagram
Photo: Instagram
Photo: Instagram

And she would know, Sarah has been swimming with different varieties of sharks for seven years and even got to dive with a humpback whale last year.

The undergrad student – who hopes to start an intern at the International Criminal Court in the Netherlands after she graduates in June - first started travelling with her dad who took her to India and Japan.

She now bases her destinations on cool locations her friends and other Insta influencers have been to.

Photo: Instagram
Photo: Instagram
Photo: Instagram
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Diver has close encounter with large tiger sharks


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