Dads’ hilarious ballet fails go viral

This dance school thought it would be sweet to get their students to bring their dads in for a class, and the results were nothing short of hilarious.

Hilarious bring your dad to dance class day

Hilarious bring your dad to dance class day

The task was simple enough, watch your child leap across the stage and try your best to follow suit. Tutus optional.

With all the elegance of a stumbling baby elephant, the dads give it their best shot and their desperate lack of coordination is just heart-warming!

The dads gave it their best shot. Photo: Facebook

The Philadelphia Dance Center shared the video footage to Facebook where it's been met with hundreds of thousands of likes and shares.

The studio' owner and artistic director Thom McIntyre tells Be: "The kids had so much fun but took their class seriously and helped correct their dads on their form. Even with that, there still was a lot of laughter!"

"The dads felt great, a little sore yesterday and today, and the kids loved every minute of it," he adds.

Thom came up with the idea because he noticed how supportive parents are behind the scenes and "wanted them to learn and experience the work, effort, and dedication their kids bring to class nightly".

"The mums were invited for the hip-hop class and the dads were invited for the ballet class," he explains, "but it was open to whichever adult the student wanted to bring."

There was a lot of spirit but not so much grace. Photo: Facebook

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