Oops! She doesn't even seem to notice at the time. Photo: Facebook
Oops! She doesn't even seem to notice at the time. Photo: Facebook

An Argentinian actress has unexpectedly found viral fame after suffering a nip slip during an otherwise innocuous Facebook live.

Virginia Gallardo seemingly forgot she was braless when she sat down with fellow actress Flor Vigna, for a casual video interview this week.

With a massive smile, she’s welcomed onto the couch where Vigna complements her on her beautiful hair - at which point Gallardo looks chuffed and lifts her arms up to her head, inadvertently exposing a lot more than she expected!

Neither of the two appear to notice the mishap until a viewer writes in to tell them what happened. "Sorry, sorry, sorry!" she squeals in reply.

Afterwards the actresses headed outside for another video, but this time Gallardo made sure to pop a jacket on before attempting some acrobatics for the cameras.

She later put a jacket on before attempting a backbend. Photo: Eltrecetv.com
The actress has some serious acrobatic skills! Photo: Eltrecetv.com

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