How fast can you spot the intruding goat?

There has been one lonesome goat thrown into a flock of sheep. How fast can you find him before he turns woolly-headed?

A challenging new farmyard brain teaser was created by Play Buzz and has got the internet into a spin!

Good luck! Source: Play Buzz

The optical illusion proves difficult because the goat is the same colour as his friends and has no outstanding features to look out for.

Here's a hint for those who can't spot the intruder.

Ta-da! Source: Play Buzz

If you nailed that mind-boggling puzzle, below is an even tricker one.

See if you can spot the 12 super stealthy British soldiers camouflaged in the demanding jungles of Brunei.

Source: Army in London/Facebook

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Britain's Army's Household Cavalry unit posted a few pictures of their sly work to Facebook saying this is what they do best, and they're not wrong!

Here's a hint for those who could only find one or two.

Source: Army in London/Facebook

Here's a third puzzle for all you experts out there...

This vintage teaser emerged from the rubble last week and legend has it, only one per cent of the population can find the hidden assassin.

Where is the sneaky adversary?

Most eyes dart straight toward the man who is clearly pointing a gun into the distance, whereas others may look to the group standing by and chatting wearing dark clothing.

Here's a hint for those who would be shot if it were real - he is wearing a white suit, not black.

Look out - There's a gun!

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