Harry and Meghan's public spat

They’re meant to still be in the honeymoon stage of their relationship but these photos tell a very different story.

Harry and his 35-year-old lady love, Meghan Markle, were in Jamaica recently for one of the Prince’s best friend’s weddings.

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However instead of the loved-up display we expected from the couple at the romantic festivities, things looked extremely tense, with the pair appearing to get into a heated spat.

Harry and Meghan were at a wedding in Jamaica but it looks like they were far from enjoying themselves. Photo: Backgrid

According to New Idea, Meghan was furious with Harry for “flirting” with other guests on the day and didn’t hold back in letting her feelings be known.

“One minute they seemed happy and mingling – the next they were off on their own at a table speaking very loudly to one another, obviously fighting,” a source told the magazine.

“It seems like they’d had a little too much to drink – the Champagne was certainly flowing all day long – and Meghan was accusing him of ignoring her so her could talk to other women.”

Prince Harry famously has a long list of female friends he’s often photographed with, and some of them he’s even dated.

Meghan and Harry seem to have been in the middle of a heated argument. Photo: Backgrid

However it’s been reported that he’s not willing to shun any of his mates in favour of Markle and her “jealous streak” is causing strain on their relationship.

The photos come after a body language expert said Prince Harry appears to be “distant”, “bored” and “not playing ball” with his lady love.

“All of the PDA stuff is coming from her. He’s looking very bored,” Judi James, author of The Body Language Bible told the Daily Mail.

“He’s not making a huge effort to bring her into the social group.

“It’s as though she’s trying to give photographers and the other guests the impression that this is a romantic relationship and she can’t keep my hands off him, whereas he’s looking faintly awkward.”

At one point it looked like Harry was walking about from the public spat. Photo: Backgrid

According to Judi, Harry’s seemed to be completely ignoring Markle, even when she put her arm around him in an affectionate way.

Instead he could be seen chatting away with his friends while Markle tried to put on a happy visage.

The pair have only been photographed a handful of times since they confirmed in November that they are together.

And while they didn’t pose for photos at the Jamaica wedding, fans of the pair expected a more loved-up display from the couple, who have been together for less than a year.

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