Sometimes a binge-fest is all you need after a gruelling working week. And that’s just what a Canadian customer did when he ordered enough mozzarella sticks to feed a small army.

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The customer who dined at Fresco’s Fish & Chips restaurant in Toronto ordered three lots of mozzarella sticks, costing around AUD$27, as well as deep-fried pickles, coleslaw and a few diet Cokes.

A picture of the receipt in full was posted to Reddit and has since gone viral. Photo: Reddit.

But it was the heart-twanging note attached to the receipt which has captured the world's attention.

"Yes I meant to order 3 mozzarella sticks. Please don’t judge me. I’m having a bad week and was so excited they were back on the menu,” the note read, concluded by a smiley face.

While the red-faced customer left the heart-warmingly honest note, the takeaway’s owner Fresco and his daughter Adriana, who uploaded the photo to Reddit, have said they place no judgement!

"Sometimes, a bunch of fried food is just what you need on a bad day, or on any day, and that no one was actually judging the customer," Adriana said.

Mozzarella sticks are life, so we really can't blame you. Photo: Getty Images.

Amen, you do you. Enjoy those Mozzarella sticks.

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