This baby’s hair is so long everyone thinks it’s a wig

Meet the tiny tot whose mane is so unruly that strangers often think she's wearing a wig.

This baby’s hair is so long everyone thinks it’s a wig

This baby’s hair is so long everyone thinks it’s a wig

Bella Cole is only eight months old and often gets mistaken for a doll because of her impressive head of hair. Her besotted mum Phillipa Rabbitts, says she can't take her out without being stopped by hordes of strangers asking if her hair is real.

"I had a caesarean when Bella was born, and the first thing the surgeon said was, 'she's got a lot of hair!' Philippa, 27, says.

People find it hard to believe Bella's hair is real. Photo: Caters News

"She was only 2.1kgs when she was born and three weeks early, and with this thick, dark hair she looked just like a little doll.

"All the midwives came to have a look at her afterwards, they'd never seen such a hairy newborn before - she was quite an attraction!”

Bella is still very small for her age and weighs just 5kg – the average weight for a girl her age is closer 7 to 9kg – with Phillipa saying, "she's always been so tiny, and we joke that the only thing that grows is her hair!”

"Other than her size she's very healthy, so she's having genetic tests so we can try and find out why she's so tiny,” she says.

She was born with a healthy head of hair. Photo: Caters News

"It does throw a lot of people off - she turns a lot of heads because she's so small, and people can't fathom that she's got this wild head of hair at her age. I always get asked if she's wearing a wig.”

While Bella loves getting pampered and having her hair washed, massaged and brushed, she’s not a fun of the hairdryer.

Her mum Phillipa also has to tie her hair up most days so it doesn’t get in her eyes, and the pigtails she does often draws comparisons to Boo from children’s movie Monsters Inc.

"It takes a while to brush and style - I have to get all the knots out, and then when I'm trying to tie it up she won't sit still!” Phillipa says.

"I spend longer on her hair than I do on my own - it takes twice as long.”

Despite this, the 27-year-old mum is reluctant to take her to the hairdresser and says, “I want it to grow and grow, and get as long as possible.”

"I want her to be like a real-life Rapunzel when she's older!"

Little Bella, who has a tube to help her feed after having trouble with a bottle as a newborn, is currently undergoing tests to find out why she is so small.

Her parents are fundraising for Syndromes Without a Name (SWANS), who help children with undiagnosed conditions like Bella.

- With additional reporting from Caters News

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