Trans man's duet with himself before and after treatment

A transgender man has released a duet he recorded before and after receiving testosterone treatment.

Trans man sings haunting duet with himself before and after treatment

Trans man sings haunting duet with himself before and after treatment

Charlie Peck, who previously went by the name Ruby, uploaded his own rendition of ‘Home’ by Edward Sharpe as a tribute to the transgender community.

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In the song, Swedish-born Charlie is heard singing the first lines before he started transitioning into a man and the other vocals are from nine months later.

Charlie is seen here in the video when he was known as Ruby. Photo: YouTube

Nine moths later he recorded his parts when he had completed testosterone treatment and went by the name Charlie. Photo: YouTube

“This video is a true "once in a lifetime" experience,” Charlie wrote online under his YouTube video.

“The song is a tribute to the trans community, but also to myself. It is a reminder that things actually do get better.”

The video has now been watched over 95,000 times online and Peck told TheLocal that it was his first foray into the music world.

"During my own journey I benefitted greatly from other people's stories and progress,” Charlie said.

“I wanted to find my own way to give back to others, to give people in the trans community hope that things can get better and life can move in the direction you wish it to."

Charlie is pictures here when he was a child called Ruby. Photo: YouTube

While the majority of people have been extremely supportive of Charlie’s video, he did say there’s “a few people” who have made harsh comments on the song but he doesn’t let it bother him.

He’s also been inundated with questions from people asking him if it’s actually two different people in the video.

"I have noted that people think I was a different person before. I guess that's because I chose to sing to myself,” he said.

“I’m exactly the same person as before, I've merely shed coats."

The video has already been viewed over 95,000 times. Photo: YouTube

Charlie sang the song as a tribute to the trans community. Photo: YouTube

As a side note to the video, Charlie said that he chose to refer to himself as his previous name, as he feels comfortable with it.

“Generally never refer to a trans* person with their "dead name",” he wrote underneath his video.

“My way to transition is also just that - My way.

“There are so many ways to feel comfortable in your own body and no way is more right than the other. Go your own way.”

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