Em supports Pia after mag shaming

Pick up a copy of Elle magazine and you’ll find Home and Away actress Pia Miller smiling sweetly back at you from the cover.

Em slams Elle for Pia cover

Em slams Elle for Pia cover

But flick through the inside pages, and you may be surprised to see the accompanying feature story does an about face, and actually tries to take the star down a peg.

Describing Miller as more difficult to work with “than most international cover stars in [Elle’s] history”, the mag takes a few digs at the mum-of-two saying, “her fierce protectiveness of her privacy and her family goes some way towards explaining why it was never a sure thing that Miller would appear in these pages.”

They even go on to insist that “from the earliest planning stages she displayed a zealous level of control, one that extends across her career and the way she’s publically perceived.”

Well, that hasn’t gone down well with breakfast radio star Em Rusciano, who used her platform to slam the mag this morning.

“So you’re having a crack at a woman for protecting her kids and family, for being assertive and confident about her brand, and you’re a magazine that empowers women?” she told her listeners.

Pia stars on 'Home and Away'. Photo: Instagram

She's a mum to two boys. Photo: Instagram

“Pull your heads in Elle, this makes me not want to buy this magazine even again.”

Rusciano explained that the mag’s “passive aggressive pot shots” at Miller look like they’re “trying to put her back in her place.”

But defending Miller, she says the Chilean-Aussie star was simply “protecting how she makes her money to support her children.”

“If this was a male cover guy he would not be called ‘difficult’ for wanting to protect his brand,” she says.

Em wasn't having any of it. Photo: Getty

Miller herself has also taken a swipe at the story, and writes on her Instagram page: “Warning! This article may encourage other women to be ‘incredibly strong-minded’, ‘real’, ‘fiercely protective’ (of their children and privacy) and exhibit a ‘zealous level of control’ of ‘the way (they’re) publicly perceived’.”

“Here's to my fellow women, never apologise for standing your ground and portraying your true self.”

Pia responded on Insta.

Be has contacted Elle for comment but has not received a response at the time of publication.

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