Bec Judd publicly skinny shamed

Rebecca Judd’s slim figure has always attracted attention, but last week it saw her publicly ridiculed after she was skinny shamed at work.

The WAG, presenter and mum-of-four, was on the set of her travel show Postcards and filming a food segment when it happened.

Speaking to KIISFM, Rebecca said she had a beautiful bowl of chilli muscles and a piece of sourdough bread in front of her when she overheard a small group of women talking about her.

Bec became a mum of four after welcoming twins in September last year. Photo: Instagram

"So I'm sitting there preparing for a piece to camera and I hear this group of women - they would have been in their 60s - off to the side," she explained.

"They didn't know I could hear them and they were like, 'As if she’s going to eat that!'"

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While Rebecca concedes she does get comments like that often, she said this one particularly annoyed her because she wasn't allowed to touch the dish in question as it still needed to be filmed whole and uneaten.

"I wasn't allowed to eat the bloody food," she said, "And then I hear the women go, 'Uh, typical! Told you, she didn't eat it.'"

She often posts snaps of herself working out. Photo: Instagram

She copped a lot of criticism for this snap posted after the birth of her daughter. Photo: Instagram

Exasperated, she asked radio host Katie 'Monty' Dimond, "When do women stop being molls?"

No stranger to skinny shaming, Rebecca regularly fends off nasty comments on her Instagram page and was recently criticised for looking too slim while pregnant.

“You are a freak. How can you be carrying twins and be that thin lol,” one person wrote alongside an Insta snap of her bump, while another said, “WTF, so skinny, I’m surprised her doctor didn’t confront this.”

She insists she's just naturally slim like her mum and sister. Photo: Instagram

It came after a very slim photo she shared of herself in a bikini shortly after the birth of her second child, came under fire.

Defending her body type, Rebecca has previously said that all the women in her family are slim and she doesn’t try to look the way she does, it’s just how she is.

“Thin used to be a body type. Like a normal body type. Now it's almost seen as an illness,” she told Mamamia.

Bec with her eldest kids, Oscar and Billie. Photo: Instagram

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