The creepiest real-life ghost stories

It's funny how so many people say they don't believe in ghosts.. and yet the moment you scratch the surface, everyone's got a story.

The creepiest real-life ghost stories

The creepiest real-life ghost stories

Reddit users recently took to the site to describe their strangest, most inexplicable ghost stories, and some of then will curl your hair.

'Hello, human. I'm a ghost cat.' Source: Getty

Ghost cat
"Our last house had a ghost cat in it. We have two (live) cats, a black one who is old and can't jump on anything higher than the couch, and a crazy white cat.
I'd often be working around the house and 'see' our black cat at my feet, reach down to pet him and he wasn't there. After a quick search I'd find him in an entirely different part of the house having a snooze. For the longest time, I just assumed it was my eyes playing tricks on me.
Then one time I was at the kitchen sink, doing dishes, and in my peripheral vision, I see our black cat jump up onto the counter beside me. I even heard the muffled thump when he landed on the counter top and felt a bump on my arm as he headbutted me. He hadn't been able to jump that high in a couple years so of course I turned to fully look at him and...nothing. No cat, empty counter."

Spooky scissors
"I lived in this house with a basement, and every time I walked up the stairs I would get this weird creepy goosebumps feeling on the back of my neck. It didn't make me uneasy to go down the stairs or to be in the basement. My craft room was down there I and I spent a lot of time there. After a while I would have items I was using disappear when I would look away from them. I would search and search and one day I got frustrated and to no one in particular I said "arrrgh!! Can I please have my scissors back??" I had just looked under the pile new mail and when I turned my head, there were my scissors on top of the pile of mail. I talked to my neighbor and she told me that the original owner of the house was a jolly old man who loved to prank people.... and that he had fell coming up the stairs one day and died. I think the goosebumps were him trying to tell me to be careful! And every time after that, when something would disappear, I would politely ask for it back and it would appear in a place that I could not have missed it before! Thanks, old man, it was fun!"

Clean freak
"I was staying with a friend in a remote house in Scotland. In the midnight, I woke up to go to the toilet and suddenly it was very, very cold and I heard someone complain "They always make this room dirty, always, always, and I'm cleaning all the time and still it is dirty". It was soooo cold for a moment and then it was over.

The next morning, I told the house owner that last night it suddenly was very cold in the bedroom when I went to the toilet and before I could say anything else, he asked immediately "WHO have you seen?"... That "WHO" part sent shivers down my spine. Not "WHAT happened?", but "WHO have you seen?".

Later, he told me his daughter and son in law had lived in that very room and the son in law had died in an accident. He loved to keep the room spotless.

Even typing this, still sends shivers down my spine."

Tapping out
"Towards the last few months of living at my parents house, they took a trip to another state. Needless to say my gf (now wife) stayed over for the night. We were home alone. I was awoken by her shaking me, visibly scared saying a light had turned on (we could see it from under the door) and there was a strange noise. I grabbed the gun and flash light and set out. The light in the closest bathroom had been turned on and the faucet was running at full blast on hot. The mirrors were all fogged up and everything. I turned everything off and cleared the house. I thought she was messing with me at first, but I have never seen fear like that."

*creak* Source: Getty

Swing theory
"Not directly me. But I was with my sister and she did. At the time she was about 4 maybe 5 can't really remember and I would have been 14/15. We were at my Aunties house which is on a massive property in rural Tasmania. It was a really old property where people had lived and died. In the garden there was a swing. Like a really old swing that had been there forever. My sister and I had were waking through the garden and my sister suddenly stopped and said to me. Who's that little girl on the swing??? I said there's no one there. She said yes there is look! She wasn't scared she just though it was a child her age on the swing. There was no one there. We retuned to the house and told my auntie and she said workers on the property had seen the little girl too. She was too young to make it up and lie about it for the sake of lying. You could it in her face, she was seeing something. I vividly remember it to this day. Not a scary experience but strange all the same."

'Doctor, are you aware we're not... alone in here?' Source: Getty

No scrubs
"I was in a motorcycle accident a few months back. I broke my spine and needed surgery to fuse several vertebrae. As they brought me into the surgery, I noticed two men standing in the corner of the OR looking not at all surgically clean and entirely out of place. Looking back at it, I later recognized them as my two late grandfathers. One of whom died in the hospital, the other died during a surgery.

The reason I know that was my grandfathers because my parents told me a story about how they were in the Hospital's food court during my 11 hour surgery, and my dad heard his father telling him that everything was going to turn out alright, he told my mom, and she wasn't at all surprised, because she had heard her father tell her that I was going to be fine. Even though this was late, and they were the only ones in this dead silent cafeteria.

I've never told that story before, let alone to the entire world."

Hell's bells
"I was living in a inner city area in the eastern US. The city I lived in had major issues, but the house I lived in was great... Until weird things started happening.

One morning one of my room mates came to me and was obviously freaked out. He had fallen asleep in the living room the night before and woke up at 3am and he could hear these creepy bells, but as he walked around to try and find the source of the bells, it seemed to be coming from not just one place but all around.

I told this to another room mate and he immediately went white. He had experienced the same thing but didn't tell anyone as he had been drinking.

I decided to stay up to see if I could figure it out and I around 3am heard the really creepy bells, but they seemed to be coming from the basement. This basement, at the best of times gave me a bad feeling and there was no way I was going down there at 3am.

I am kind of ashamed that I ran up stairs and hid in my bed."

Oh, sheet. Source: Getty

Star fright
"This wasn't the first experience my daughter and I had, but I think it's the most interesting.

When my daughter was around 2, she asked me one night "Why do they come into my room at night?" I asked her who she was talking about and she said "The stars. They come in and play with my toys." I told her as long as they didn't hurt her or break anything, they were welcome to come play. A few nights later, shortly after I got in bed, I heard footsteps run down the hall, into my room, and around to my side of the bed. I rolled over expecting to see my daughter, but nothing was there. We also heard voices here and there, but there was nothing malicious, so we just let it be."

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