Internet rages over parents' cruel prank on son

The internet has erupted over a video of a cruel prank parents played on their young son.

YouTuber DaddyOFive uploaded a video called the "Invisible Ink Prank" to his page which showed him and his wife smearing ink on their son’s carpet, only to call him upstairs and blame him for it.

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It immediately triggered an outpouring of disgust with people claiming Mike and Heather Martin were causing their son, Cody, immeasurable “distress and emotional pain”.

YouTuber DaddyOFive has been ridiculed for his latest video. Photo: YouTube

They smeared ink all over his bedroom and then blamed it on him. Photo: YouTube

And while the footage now been removed from YouTube, the family decided to upload another video explaining their decision to “block all the haters”.

The original video started with Mike and Heather in Cody’s bedroom explaining how they were about to throw ink all over his carpet.

They can then be heard shouting for Cody to come to his room and explain what happened.

"Get your f**king a** up here! What the f***?!,” Heather is heard belting out in the video.

Cody looks shocked when he enters the room and immediately starts to defend himself, trying to tell his parents that he had nothing to do with the disaster.

Dad Mike joins in while Cody breaks down in tears, probing him for answers about what he did.

The little boy can be seen crying in the video while trying to explain himself. Photo: YouTube

Before long the couple start to laugh and let Cody in on their prank telling him that the ink won’t actually stain and it was all a big joke.

Within hours the video had received major backlash and now the parents have hit back with another video, where they ask their son if he feels traumatised.

"I don’t even know what that word means, but no,” Cody replies.

Then Mike chimes in, telling his kids that people have been questioning their parenting methods.

“So guys a lot of people think that I’m a child abuser and that I’m mentally and physically, emotionally and all that abusing you guys,” he says.

The kids all then joke that they’re kept in cages, aren’t allowed main meals and don’t have Xboxes.

In another video dad Mike explains why he''s "blocking all the haters". Photo: YouTube

All his kids, including Cody, appear in the video. Photo: YouTube

However people online still let their feelings be known and layed into the couple for the way they pranked their son.

“It is disgusting that you find it funny to see your children in such distress and emotional pain,” one commenter said.

“You and your wife should be ashamed of yourself. Your kids deserve better.,” another said.

“Yeah, because traumatizing, screaming & cursing your pre-teen kids is so funny,” another person said.

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