Cannabis church opens its doors on 'Weed Day'

The International Church of Cannabis has opened its door just in time for ‘Weed Day’.

Every year on April 20, people gather in the Denver, Colarado, for 4/20 Day (also known as ‘Weed Day’) and smoke cannabis together.

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And now a church dedicated to the plant has been erected for people “who consume cannabis as an integral part of their spiritual journey”.

The International Church of Cannabis has opened its doors in Denver Colorado. Photo: Getty

They call themselves Elevationists – a group of people who were fed up with other religious institutions and decided to open up their own church where they could smoke weed and go on a journey of “self-discovery”.

“As a group, Elevationists demand the right to congregate and partake of their sacrament together,” the church’s website reads.

“They do not believe it is just that they be thought of as criminals for carrying out their deeply held religious traditions, no matter how new those traditions may appear to be.”

The church was previoulsy a Lutheran church and needs about $100,000 worth of upgrades. Photo: Getty

The members of the church call themselves Elevationists. Photo: Getty

And while many may think it’s just an excuse for them to smoke weed all day long, they put that rumour to rest online.

“This is Denver. We can all legally consume cannabis here already. No, all we are doing is claiming our Constitutional Right to freely practice our religion,” the website states.

The building was previously a Lutheran church and the group need to raise $100,000 to upgrade facilities such as disability access and the boiler.

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