Baby goats have adorable pyjama party

Well this is very cute!

Newborn baby goats have pyjama party

Newborn baby goats have pyjama party

These brand-new kids were ready to start bouncing around their home in Sunflower Farm Creamer in Maine in the US, but the weather is getting a little chilly – so you know, obviously they need to pop their PJs on.

Baby goats, wearing pyjama suits. Come ON! Source: Storyful

The adorable little babas get straight down to business. Jumping, hopping, bouncing and climbing around their barn together.

We mean really. Look at them! Source: Storyful

A stack of hay bales got lots of attention from the little guys.

'Ok in three, two, one, we jump off!" Source: Storyful

What a world we live in, where baby goats can frolic in their jimjams.

"Look at meee! I believe I can flyyyy!" Source: Storyful

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