Baby goats, wearing pyjama suits. Come ON! Source: Storyful
Baby goats, wearing pyjama suits. Come ON! Source: Storyful

Well this is very cute!

These brand-new kids were ready to start bouncing around their home in Sunflower Farm Creamer in Maine in the US, but the weather is getting a little chilly – so you know, obviously they need to pop their PJs on.

The adorable little babas get straight down to business. Jumping, hopping, bouncing and climbing around their barn together.

We mean really. Look at them! Source: Storyful

A stack of hay bales got lots of attention from the little guys.

'Ok in three, two, one, we jump off!" Source: Storyful

What a world we live in, where baby goats can frolic in their jimjams.

"Look at meee! I believe I can flyyyy!" Source: Storyful

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