Beauty queen tells of horror sex attack

A beauty queen has spoken out in an emotionally charged video about being sexually assaulted.

Adau Mornyang was just 17-years-old when she claims she was raped by two men and now she’s revealed her story in the hope of encouraging others in the same situation as her to speak out.

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The now 22-year-old is currently a Miss World Victorian State Finalist and recorded a Facebook live about her sexual assault experience to help others struggling with what happened to them.

Sexual assault survivor Adau Mornyang has spoken out about her experience. Photo: Supplied

The Miss World Victorian State Finalist posted an emotional Facebook live about her experience. Photo: Facebook

“We need to stand up for one another,” she says in the video, revealing that she’s currently seeing a therapist over her alleged sexual assault.

“Stop victim blaming people.

“Rape is never your fault. You can never ask for it.”

The South Sudanese woman said that she’s trying to move on and forgive her attacker but she knows how hard it is due to victim blaming and shaming.

The stunner said people need to stop victim shaming blaming. Photo: Facebook

Adau claims she was raped when she was 17-years-old. Photo: Supplied

“People will say ‘she didn’t get raped. She must have asked for it’,” the beauty queen said.

“We need to stop holding our boys on this high pedestal and allowing them to disrespect women and hurt them.”

Adau went on to say that before the night she was raped she was known as being a “loud, happy” person but now she “keeps to herself a lot”.

She hopes her story will help others struggling after being sexually assaulted. Photo: Supplied

“There are so many people out there that are willing to listen even if your family or friends don’t believe you there are people out there who will,” she said.

“And I can’t change what happened but I can move on from it.”

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