Girl's horror facial burns from coffee

A young woman was left with facial burns after a coffee press squirted boiling coffee into her face leaving her with scars and needing glasses.

Justyna Williams, 21, ended up in hospital with first and second degree burns when the coffee allegedly jetted from the spout straight into her face in April last year.

Justyna says scalding hot coffee shot onto her face. Source: Caters News

The health-care assistant claims she was devastated to discover the incident left her with eye damage and marking to her face that she has to cover with make-up whenever she goes out.

After she registered a complaint with the homewares store she'd bought the pot from, it was sent for testing and no faults were found.

However Justyna remains unconvinced and is calling on the store to withdraw the item as she believes it could happen to others.

"It looked like someone had thrown acid over me but it was just coffee. I kept looking in the mirror and crying," Justyna, from Torquay in the UK, said.

"After it happened I was so weak from the whole thing and I didn’t feel okay mentally. I kept thinking, why has this happened to me?

Justyna said she made the coffee in the normal way.

"I waited between three and five minutes after it boiled before pouring the water into the cafetière," she said.

"I pushed the plunger down and the water squirted right up out of the spout and into my face. I have used cafetières before and never had that happen.

"It felt like my face was on fire. My whole face swelled up and I had lots of little blisters over me. It hit my eye and it massively burnt me

"The scar has gone down a lot now but it is still visible and I’m still left with eye damage and have to wear glasses because I can’t see properly in my right eye."

Justyna is still boiling mad about the incident. Source: Caters News

The incident took place in April 2016, the day after Justyna’s birthday and she had invited her family round for coffee and cake when she used the brand-new cafetière.

Her injuries were classed as in between first and second degree burns.

However, the 21-year-old has still been left with permanent scarring and damage to her right eye and now has to wear glasses.

A couple of days after the incident, Justyna contacted Wilko, the shop she'd bought the press from, to complain – and a case was opened.

However, this was closed after tests on the item showed no faults.

"I’m quite annoyed," Justyna said. "What if there’s another one that’s faulty? They’ve just told me that it has been tested and that there weren’t any faults but they haven’t explained why it happened.

“Maybe the plunger had been stuck, or maybe the holes in it were not working properly, I don’t know. But it exploded into my face and burnt me.

"The health and safety of our customers is of paramount importance to us and we were most concerned to learn of the circumstances of this accident," a spokesperson from Wilko said.

"The results from the testing evidenced there were no manufacturing faults with the product and acknowledged adequate safety warnings present.

“Wilko openly welcomes another dialogue with Justyna and is happy to further discuss the results of our testing. We also stress to all our valued customers to observe the safety instructions and take care when using products involving boiling water.”

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