WATCH: Woman convinced George Clooney was her surgeon

He played Dr Doug Ross, the super smooth surgeon who set hearts racing on the hit 90’s show ER, and one lucky woman has managed to get George Clooney to attend to her – in her drug-addled haze, anyway.

WATCH: Woman convinced George Clooney was her surgeon

WATCH: Woman convinced George Clooney was her surgeon

After undergoing IVF retrieval surgery, a woman named Kayleigh, is seen talking to her husband about the operation – and her very famous doctor.

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“I want you all to know that I know what I saw. I know George Clooney did my retrieval and he got 25 eggs,” she says.

“And because it was George I just feel like it might work.”

Kayleigh remains convinced of her celebrity surgeon - and her husband is happy to play along. Image: Youtube/Emily Young

In the hilarious clip posted to YouTube by her stepsister Emily Young, a doped-up Kayleigh is left star struck by her imagined encounter.

“I can’t believe he’s here, did you meet him?” she’s heard asking her off-camera husband.

He's played the part but we're not sure we'd trust George Clooney in an operating theatre in real life. Photo: Getty

“Yeah, he’s a nice guy,” he replies.

After asking if her hubby thought to ask for an autograph (he did), the penny drops when she thinks about George operating on her.

“George saw my vagina. I can’t believe it. I just can’t believe it,” she says.

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