Mum’s terror as baby nearly chokes to death on breastmilk

One mum has issued a warning to others after a horrifying incident saw her newborn turn blue and be rushed to hospital after he choked on her breastmilk.

Rebecca Taylor admits she breastfed her daughter for 18 months with no problems, so had no idea this could happen with her newborn son.

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The mum took to Facebook page Breastfeeding Mama Talk to recount the “scariest day” of her life after her overabundant supply of breastmilk saw her son struggle to keep it down.

“Apparently this ‘freak’ accident can actually happen to babies and it's more common than I thought. Especially when you have an over active let down and produce too much milk,” she wrote.

Rebecca's post has received over 1000 likes and comments from other mums trying to help. Photo: Facebook

With her baby turning blue, Rebecca called an ambulance and recalls the terror of seeing her son limp and lifeless.

“Watching my teeny tiny new baby get hooked up to an oxygen mask with all sorts of tubes and codes being called out is one if the worst things a parent could ever witness,” she wrote.

“He had to get a chest X-ray and I'm told to monitor him for aspiration pneumonia. He turned blue and I really thought I was going to lose him.”

After breastfeeding her first daughter with no problems, Rebecca was horrified to learn this could happen. Photo: Getty

Rebecca admits she now doesn’t feel comfortable feeding her son and has reached out to other mums for help.

“Maybe I should be feeding him laying down or to push down in my breast to stop the flow but I really didn't understand,” she writes. “I could really use some help. I have no one to talk to about breastfeeding.”

For more information on breastfeeding visit the Australian Breastfeeding Association or call the Breastfeeding Helpline on 1800 686 268.

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