Dad's hilarious pics of daughter's ‘category five’ poo explosion

They’re the utterly adorable bundles of joy that can make your heart melt with a simple little gurgle or the briefest flash of a smile.

But when it comes to dealing with what lurks within baby nappies, all of that can change in an instant.

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Jesse Mab-Phea Hill encountered the mother of all poo explosions thanks to his daughter Alessandra, with the dad explaining how his blood ran cold when he smelt a waft of something very questionable coming from her room.

Unfortunate dad Jesse has detailed the serious poo explosion he had to deal with thanks to his daughter. Photo: Facebook

With mum Mayra out teaching a workout class, Jesse revealed in a Facebook post – which has been liked 67,000 times – how he pushed open the door to see Alessandra standing at her baby gate, completely naked and holding her nappy.

The worst bit? The terrifying spray of baby poo that covered the entire room behind her. Oh, and the bits in her “arms, legs, face and HAIR”.

Not only was it on Alessandra, it was all over her room. Photo: Facebook

“I was tempted to close her door, wait till Mayra got home and pretend like I was sleep so she would have to deal with it,” confessed Jesse. “But yesterday was Mexican Mother's Day and I didn't want to be a dick.”

Picking his daughter up with "two fingers", Jesse was forced to evade Alessandra’s very ill-timed attempts for a cuddle.

She might be cute, but this little one can definitely do some damage. Photo: Facebook

“The whole time she's in the tub she tries to touch me with her s**t covered hands and I scream like a pre-pubescent girl and dodge her,” he writes.

After cleaning up his baby girl, Jesse decided to assess the damage in the room.

“Everything on the right side of the room is covered in steaming baby crap,” he revealed.

Alessandra has somehow managed to get it all over her toys. Photo: Facebook

“The walls, the toys, the windows, the curtains, the play bench, the floor, the baby piano, my hopes, all covered in crap. It looked like a real category 5 s**t storm blew thru her room. Hurricane S**trina if you will.”

Cue a cleanup operation of epic proportions.

There was even some on the curtains. Photo: Facebook

“Two rolls of paper towels, 5 stolen gym towels, 1 bottle of pinsole, 1 bottle of bleach, 1 big bag of crap covered toys and 2 1/2 hours later her room still smells like a dumpster fire,” wrote Jesse.

Sharing pics of the hilariously horrifying poo-nami, Jesse decided to see the bright side of the situation.

“Anyway, I write these trials and tribulations of mine to not only do my part to spread written contraception and to strike fear in the hearts of new parents but also to remind myself that no matter what I'm going thru, at least I'm not cleaning hot baby crap out of the gears of my daughter's play set again,” he wrote.

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