The unwelcome guest threatening to ruin Pippa's big day

We’re only mere hours away from Pippa Middleton walking down the aisle but the bride has reportedly just received some news that could throw a spanner in the works.

While some people would lose it over a misplaced napkin in the lead-up to their wedding, Pippa has something a lot bigger to worry about.

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According to reports, the bride is worried for her family and friends’ safety after an unwelcome guest has made an appearance at her wedding venue

Pippa Middleton's wedding day is reportedly in jeopardy. Photo: Getty


Reports in The Mirror say that a massive 5ft-long Puma cat is roaming around the Bradfield area, just 5km from Pippa’s Berkshire nuptials.

The jungle cat could pose a threat to guests such as the Duchess of Cambridge and her adorable kids, Prince George and Princess Charlotte as it has been spotted in the area.

One local told The Mirror how he got up close and personal with the “ferocious beast” just a few kilometres from where Pippa will say ‘I do’ to hedge fund boss James Matthews on Saturday.

According to locals in Berkshire, there's a massive 5ft-long Puma on the loose. Photo: Getty

Pippa is set to marry on Saturday. Photo: Getty

"It was stood about 20 yards in front of me and right in my headlights and took up about two thirds of the road," local Derek Collier told The Mirror.

"It was there for about ten seconds then it disappeared up the bank and into the bushes.

"It was a bit of a shock to say the least. It must have been five feet long from head to tail."

Derek said he believed it was a Puma because of the size of the cat and the colour.

A Puma who was given the name the 'Creature of Curridge' was last seen in the area in 2012.

The socialite is said to not be fazed by the news. Photo: Getty

However locals are worried it may have given birth to a whole heap of offspring.

And while Pippa’s guests are in danger of coming face-to-face with the beast, there’s no sign of any wedding plans being put to a halt because of the sighting.

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