Can you see a wall or a river in this picture?

The interent has been divided over an image asking people whether they see a wall or a river.

The mind-boggling snap was posted online by German app Jodel, which is followed by nearly one million young people and students.

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And while the majority of people in our office are adamant it’s a river flowing in the background of the party, others are adamant it’s a wall.

Can you see a river or a wall in this picture? Photo: Jodel

“Clearly a wall, the river would be horizontal,” one person said in the comments section.

“I saw the photo you would be so on a slope.”

Others pointed out the terrace to the left side of the picture and claimed it had to be set in a garden.

“This is a terraced street... amateurs,” a commenter said.

Meerbusch is a town in Germany which has a river running through it. Photo: Google Maps

Some people even said the pots and BBQ are throwing shade on it, making it a wall.

The picture is tagged in Meerbusch, a little town which lies on the river in Germany.

From looking at Google Maps, it’s clear the area is built around the Rhine River, which makes us think everyone’s wall theories are just plain bizarre.

“Clearly a river,” one person said.

The town is situated on the river. Photo: Google Maps

“The chairs are designed so that you can check out on the river. Why would you look at a wall?,” one person said.

Others said the decking to the left is decking and some even claimed there’s a boat hiding underneath the tree to the right of the orange box.

So what do you see?

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