WATCH: Couple’s explosive wedding shoot

Talk about making a statement.

WATCH: Couple’s explosive wedding shoot

WATCH: Couple’s explosive wedding shoot

It’s like a scene from a Hollywood movie – as one couple decided to take their wedding shoot to a whole new level.

At first it looks relatively unremarkable, as the newlyweds forsake the usual lush green forest, or coastal beach back drop.

At first it looks pretty unremarkable. Photo: Youtube

But then… BOOM… the explosion sends a huge fireball into the air behind them.

And what’s the most surprising, neither of them flinched.


They didn't even bat an eye. Photo: Youtube

Now that's a hot shoot. Photo: Youtube

Turns out the couple from Japan tied the knot in 2015 but recently wanted to redo their photos.

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The incredible shoot was organised by cosplay company Cosnavi and took place in a disused mining quarry.

Lucky everything went to plan. Photo: Youtube

Although they didn’t need it, both husband and wife actually swapped out their original expensive wedding attire for cheaper versions – just in case.

It’s got us wondering what else is possible.

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