Couple's shocking bus stop sex romp

A dog walker caught a randy couple appearing to have sex for 10 minutes at a bus stop in broad daylight.

Passerby Debbie Moir said she was looking out of the window while deciding whether to take her mum's dog out for a walk when she spotted the romping couple.

Talk about bus-ted! Source: Caters

Footage shows the duo getting frisky al fresco in the bus stop in Elgin, Scotland, as the woman bends over with her hands on the glass and the man holds her behind.

Stunned Debbie, 26, filmed the pair and sent it to her disbelieving sister before uploading it to social media where it was shared thousands of times.

The footage has now gone viral. Let's hope its stars haven't. Source: Caters

"I was looking out of my mum's living room window to see what the weather was doing as I needed to walk the dog.

"I couldn't believe what I was seeing, I was just speechless. Once I got over the shock of it I had a good laugh.

"It's absolute madness. It's a housing estate and a really busy street that gets lots of traffic and it's usually full of kids, obviously because it was raining there was no-one about."

No shame. Source: Caters

The footage appears to show a couple, believed to be in their early 20s, frantically humping at a glass bus stop just before 7pm.

"I was shocked to see them doing that in such an open area," Debbie said.

"They didn't seem to care – the guy did keep looking around to make sure no one was watching. They could have at least waited until it was dark – or gone somewhere a little more private."

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