Customer service rep’s genius response to joke

A self-confessed 'geek' who tried to grill an insurance company on whether they would cover damage from superheroes or shootouts met her match when the quick-witted employee dealt with it like a real enquiry.

Kerry Neale felt compelled to ask British insurance company Aviva, if they would cover damage done to their vehicle if it was caught in the crossfire of a shootout while watching an action movie with her fiancé.

But razor-sharp Aviva customer support member Katie, hit back with a genuine reply explaining what circumstances they would look for if they were to provide cover.

When cheeky Kerry then enquired about damage from superheroes, Katie exhibited her own 'geek' credentials and listed reasons they could or couldn't cover each comic character.

She wasn't expecting this response. Photo: Caters

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It turns out damage from Spider-man or Hulk wouldn't be covered as it involves radiation and Cat Woman is ruled out as damage caused by domestic pets.

Moreover any damage from Thor would be listed as an 'act of God' and Superman wouldn't be covered as he fails to declare his real identity.

Meanwhile the Batmobile has too many modifications to be covered.

"When Katie replied again she really impressed me and my fiancé, it was clear she knew exactly what she was talking about,” Kerry says.

Katie knew exactly what to say. Photo: Caters

"It was like she had been waiting a long time for someone to ask the question, as if she'd had her response ready to go for while."

Katie's response received high praise from fellow superhero fans on Facebook, with some people declaring they wanted to move to Aviva for insurance based on her answers.

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"I like watching superhero films, especially the Marvel franchise but wouldn't say I'm a hardcore fan (although my cat is named after Pepper Potts...),” Katie says.

"I can't take full credit for the response, it was a real team effort, Dave (the real geek of the team) fact checked and Rich did the proof reading.”

Kerry now wants Katie to get recognition from the Aviva for her excellent response.

A spokesperson for Aviva said, "Our customer support team are real superheroes when it comes to responding to queries from the public – no matter what the question may be.

"And it's important that we have a bit of fun where appropriate."

- With addditional reporting by Caters News

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