Horrifying moment boy in floatie nearly drowns

Most parents are well aware of the advice to always keep your eyes on children when they’re around water.

Horrifying moment boy in floatie nearly drowns

Horrifying moment boy in floatie nearly drowns

But what about when you’ve safely put them in a floatie, or it’s only a small pool? Well, if you have any doubts about how to answer, this shocking video will help set the record straight.

The boy seems fine until he flips over. Photo: Newsner

It’s CCTV footage of a young boy in China who was put into a small pool and left to splash about in a donut floatie.

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It takes a horrifying turn however, when he accidentally flips and gets caught with his head held underwater and his feet in the air.

He's underwater for 72 seconds before someone pulls him out. Photo: Newsner

Incredibly, the boy’s head remains underwater for 72 agonising seconds before two adults come running in to save him. Reports are that thankfully, he was taken to hospital and escaped uninjured, but it’s certainly a sobering reminder for everyone about safety around water.

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