Internet users question breast milk jewellery trend

It’s the post-natal trend that has a few people scratching their heads.

We’ve already had the trends of eating your own placenta, framing dried umbilical cords, or live streaming your birth on Facebook.

And now women have taken to having their breast milk turned into jewellery as the ultimate keepsake.

Women are turning their breast milk into jewellery. Photo: Instagram

The trend was first brought to light by Amelia Edelman, who spoke about turning her own breast milk into a keepsake.

“So many mothers hang on to tangible mementos from their motherhood journey that usually just end up taped into a book or tucked in a shoe box in the closet,” she wrote for Refinery 29.

There are a few businesses online that make this kind of keepsake and have been sharing their creations online.

Businesses are sharing their creations online. Photo: Instagram

Sacred Legacy Arts is one such group but doesn’t really disclose the trick to transform breast milk into a gemstone, only saying they use “chemicals to professionally preserve the breast milk so it can be included into a jeweller’s-grade resin.”

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All it takes is one ounce (30g) of breast milk and mailed in and within a few weeks – voila – you receive a milk stone to wear as a ring of on a necklace. The shade of the bead varies depending on the colour of the milk.

All it takes is 30g of milk. Photo: Instagram

Some internet users however aren’t sold on the idea with a meme posted during the week attracting over 10,000 comments.

“Apparently this is a trend now? Why can’t white people just leave things alone,” the person wrote under an image of a breast milk ring.

The post has had over 10k comments. Photo: Instagram

Many commenters thought the idea was ‘gross’.

“Stop it this can’t be a thing,” one user wrote. “EW. What is happening to the world??” and “NOOOO”, punctuated the extensive comment thread.

We think they're quite beautiful. Photo: Instagram

It might be a little strange at first, but what you choose to do with your own body is of course up to you.

And who says there’s only one way to remember your time with a new baby.

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