Online outrage over mum putting baby boy in dress

One mum has come under fire after revealing she’s throwing society norms to the wind and dressing her newborn son in dresses.

Taking to online parenting forum Mumsnet, the anonymous mum talks about how she’s determined to dress her firstborn bub in dresses despite his gender.

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“He is my first & last (traumatic birth),” the she wrote on the forum.

“He's only 10 weeks so is still quite neutral [That is], you can't necessarily tell he's a boy yet!”

One mum asked the internet for advice on dressing her son in dresses. Photo: Getty

“I think dresses are lovely & as I don't follow this gender society crap of girls wear dresses & pink, boys wear blue & trousers… I don't see the issue in putting my DS in a dress. However, everyone else thinks it's wrong! Is it??”

Commenters on the post were quick to throw in their two cents, not only claiming that newborns should be in rompers rather than dresses, but the mum might be projecting her own issues onto her baby.

Most commenters hit out, saying the bub was too young for dresses anyway. Photo: Getty

“It sounds to me like you wanted a daughter,” wrote one commenter. “If he was asking for a dress, that's one thing. But that's not what this is.”

“As much as you don't buy into the gender crap, by putting him in a dress you're sort of taking that decision of whether to follow it away from him?” wrote another. “If you want to dress him gender neutral then dress him in white baby grows.”

The forum attracted dozens of comments. Photo:

Not all the feedback was negative though, with one sensibly adding: “Yes, stick him in a dress if you want. Additional benefit is that it'll make nappy changing easier!”

The responses saw the mum hit back.

“I am not projecting onto my DS,” she replied. “I simply would like to dress him in various different clothing which includes dresses as I very much like the way they look.”

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