Arrests made after baby found in daycare closet

It’s the shocking scenario that is every parent’s worst nightmare, and now three people have been arrested after a mum allegedly found her son being kept in a daycare closet.

Alabama mum Sydney Zimmerman claims she found her 22-month-old son Slade trapped in a dark closet without air-conditioning, and strapped into a car seat that wasn’t his.

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Reports out of the US say three workers have been arrested and charged with one count of endangering the welfare of a child.

For Sydney, it's her fear this isn't the first time this has happened, after a daycare worker revealed Slade was placed in the closet because he didn't want to go to sleep.

Sydney was horrified after an unexpectedly early pickup saw her see the conditions her son experienced at daycare. Photo: Facebook

The mum only realised the conditions Slade was kept in when she picked him up earlier than usual. Following her discovery, she told WTVM that after she rescued her son, she left and called the police.

”He could have overheated and died,” said Sydney.

Police investigations have since revealed the daycare was operating without a license.

“I don’t wish this on anyone,” said Sydney.

The Alabama mum has since found the daycare in question was operating unlicensed. Photo: Facebook

This isn't the first time a centre has been investigated for restraining a child.

A Sydney private school for autistic children made headlines last year following allegations 13-year-old Toby Jordan was kept in a "cage" which the school was said to have called the "top playground".

"It's traumatic. He's still traumatised," mum Lynda Jordan told 7.30 at the time. "He trusted them."

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