Retro ads peddle wine to bored housewives and as an antidepressant

Vintage ads have appeared online which show companies trying to sell wine to housewives who are bored at home.

Twitter user Richard Littler took to his account to share the adverts, which were used by Santagon Tonic Wine in the 60’s

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“I've always loved this ad. ‘Bored when your husband is out at work? Drink wine! We've even added the word 'tonic' to make it sound healthy!’,” Richard captioned the snap.

The black and white advert shows a man heading off to work while his wife waves him off from the door.

Sanatogen wines for bored housewives

Sanatogen Tonic Wine was seen as a way to relive boredom for housewives. Photo: Sanatogen/Twitter

“He goes off in the morning – and you can see he’s anticipating the bustle, the life, his day will bring,” the ad states.

“Problems to sort out. People to talk to, have a joke with. Lunch with his friends. Then back to his work, absorbed and interested, until it’s time to come home.”

The ad then goes on to state that wine will help the housewife who has been left at home alone.

Sanatogen ad for making life better with kids with wine

Another ad claims wine is a great way to make life 'much more bearable' when you have kids. Photo: Sanatogen/Twitter

“But all you have is an empty house. And the same dull round of household tasks,” the ad states.

“It’s on days when you feel like this that ‘Sanatogen’ Tonic Wine is so hopeful.”

Another ad from Sanatogen is headlined “Kids are murder!” and said that wine makes life “much more bearable” when you have kids.

“They just do the same stupid things again. Kids are hard work,” the ad states.

“It wears you out. And your husband wonders what’s wrong with you.

Phosferine wine sold as an antidepressant

An ad for Phosferine Tonic Wine sells it as a way to ‘banish depression’. Photo: Phosferine/Twitter

“It’s on days when you feel like this that ‘Sanatogen’ Tonic Wine is such a help.”

Another ad for Phosferine Tonic Wine sells it as a way to ‘banish depression’.

“If you are rundown, anxious or worried, this splendid tonic fortifies you and restores vitality,” the ad reads.

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