Woolies posts 'salty' response after being slammed for releasing hot cross buns early

Woolworths are causing quite the stir online after hitting back in the funniest way at people who have accused them of releasing hot cross buns too early.

Woolies hits back after being accused of releasing hot cross buns too early

Woolies hits back after being accused of releasing hot cross buns too early

While some customers are delighted the supermarket chain has decided to bring out the Easter favourite on January 2, others are baffled by the early release.

However, Wollies has come out the winner in the debate by hitting back at hot cross bun Grinches on Facebook with some hilarious one-liners.

Woolworths hot cross buns

Woolworths caused quite a stir when they posted this picture to their Facebook account today. Photo: Facebook

Woolworths Easter

Hot cross buns are available at the supermarket chain from today. Photo: Getty Images

“Seriously Christmas is barely over,” one commenter said online, to which Woolies responded: “Christmas was last year, Claudia!!!”

“Way too early. Wait until after Valentine’s Day,” another concerned shopper said, with Woolies hitting back with: “But what will people eat on Valentine's Day?”.

People were quick to commend Woolies on their “salty” responses, with some saying they never knew “Woolies was so hilarious”.

“All of you saying it’s too early, seriously?! Theyre delicious and only come out once a year. Stop being so salty! Yummo!,” one person said.

Woolworths Facebook

They hit back with the best one-liners on Facebook. Photo: Facebook

Woolworths hot cross buns

They sure know how to cause a stir. Photo: Facebook

How to eat a hot cross bun

People were divided about releasing the hot cross buns in January. Photo: Facebook

Facebook hot cross buns Woolies

They hit back with some 'salty' responses. Photo: Facebook

“Never too early for hot cross buns,” another person said.

This year, the supermarket has brought out a new flavour ‘Brioche Style’ hot cross bun, to appear on the shelves alongside the ‘Traditional’, ‘Fruitless’ and ‘MiniCadbury Chocolate Chip’ versions.

Speaking to News.com.au, Woolworths Bakery Manager, Ben Thompson, said there is a massive demand for the buns.

“We sold almost ten million hot cross buns in January alone last year and are proud to be able to offer our customers with a range of tasty hot cross bun goodness again to start the new year off right,” he said.

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