Sam Frost's mental-health struggle

Sam Frost has spoken out about how hard 2016 was for her.

Between her split from boyfriend Sasha Mielczarek, her breakfast radio show getting canned, and online trolls picking her apart daily, Sam says she found herself in "a very dark place".

Sam has fought back from 'a very dark place'. Source: Instagram/fro01

In a candid interview with the Herald-Sun, Sam has revealed weekly visits with a psychologist cost her a lot of money but pulled her out of her troubled state.

"I reached breaking point last year. I was like, 'Oh my goodness I am really, really struggling with my mental health'," Sam said.

"The trolls and the criticism were relentless. I just thought I am a good person, I am a wonderful friend, I am a wonderful sister and I work hard and I am grounded, I don’t understand why people are being so horrible to me."

Sam was all smiles in public but privately battling emotional upheaval. Source: Getty

Sam is currently shooting the Australian Hell's Kitchen as a celebrity contestant.

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