Been 'cushioned'? Awful new dating trend

Singletons know that the dating game is hard, in between Tinder apps and blind dates, we all struggle. But now, it appears it just got a littler harder.

A new term known as "cushioning" has arisen and it’s brutal. What is it exactly? Urban Dictionary defines it as, "A dating technique where along with your main piece you also have several 'cushions', other people you'll chat and flirt with to cushion the potential blow of your main break-up and not leave you alone."

Is 'cushioning' the modern-day term for having a wandering eye? Photo: Getty Images.

So what it basically means is people are enlisting back-ups in case things turn sour. Almost like a dating insurance, ensuring you have someone to “hang” with when your heart has been broken.

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Be sure not to throw out any numbers or delete any contacts, for these people can be your back-up lovers. Photo: Getty images.

This new dating phenomenon comes hot on the heels of "breadcrumbing", which made headlines recently. Of course, the term breadcrumbing was coined for people who throw their romantic interests a few crumbs but never take things any further.

You could contact your cushion-ee via dating apps, or even via a regular messenger service. Photo: Getty Images.

Alarmingly, the trend doesn’t just apply to love interests as even friends and employers can smack you with breadcrumbs when you least expect it.

Do you have a friend who constantly says they’ll meet up with you only to cancel at the last second without reason?

You’ve been breadcrumbed! Yep, we know things are bad when dating terms are now taking over other parts of our lives.

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