Man puts world's hottest chili in girlfriend's underwear

This man has been slammed as the “world’s worst boyfriend” after he covered his girlfriend’s underwear in chili right before she went for a jog.

YouTuber Hammy TV uploaded a video to his account that showed him planning possibly one of the harshest girlfriend tricks we’ve seen online.

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While his other half was at work, Hammy can be seen taking his girlfriend’s thong and drizzling a chili extract called Satan’s Blood on the fabric, smearing it in and drying it with a hairdryer.

YouTuber Hammy TV pranked his girlfriend by putting chili extract in her underwear. Photo: YouTube

The pair went jogging together before his girlfriend had to stop because of the burning. Photo: YouTube

The extract contains 88,000 Scoville Units - a chart used to measure the pungency of chili – and is 160 times hotter than the spiciest Jalapeños.

And while Hammy claims the prank is in response to a trick his girlfriend previously played on him, people have slammed him for the unkind act.

In the video, Hammy’s girlfriend can be seen running in the park after donning her chili-covered thong, only to stop after a few seconds later wen the heat comes on.

Hammy pretends he has no idea why his girlfriend needs to itch so much asking her if she’s sick.

She then takes her water bottle and pours it down the back of her workout pants, desperately trying to stop the itch.

She poured water down her pants in the hope of stopping the burn. Photo: YouTube

Deciding the itch was too much, she then runs back to the house. Photo: YouTube

His girlfriend ends up running back to the house with Hammy shouting after her: “Remember last week, the suicide prank? I put hot chili extract on your thong”.

“Are you f****** kidding me,” she responds, obviously furious with her boyfriend.

She then goes into the house where she opens the fridge and puts milk down her pants before hopping into the shower where the hot water only makes the burn worse

While the video has already been viewed over 200,000 times on YouTube, people are not impressed with the “mean” prank.

At home she takes milk out of the fridge and pours it down her bottoms in the hope of stopping the burn. Photo: YouTube

“This is really mean, dude.,” one person commented.

“Omg ur lucky to be alive. The revenge on u would be sooo bad if that was me,” another person said.

“You’re kinda lucky that she didn’t have a serious reaction to that stuff.,” one commenter said.

While others thought the video was hilarious to watch.

“Most hilarious prank I’ve ever seen. Ingenious! But I feel sorry for your girlfriend,” one person commented.

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