Pregnant sex worker to keep job right until due date

A pregnant sex worker has decided to continue turning tricks right up until her delivery date.

Moonlite Bunny Ranch employee, Summer Sebastian, is working at the Nevada ranch to pay for medical school and is three months pregnant.

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The 30-year-old, who is expecting the new arrival with her 70-year-old partner, said she’s made the decision to support the rights of pregnant sex workers.

Sex worker Summer Sebastian is three moths pregnant. Photo: Moonlite Bunny Ranch

The 30-year-old is planning to continue working until her due date. Photo: Moonlite Bunny Ranch

In a blog post on the ranch’s website, Summer claims she may even fulfill some of her client’s pregnancy fantasies while she continues to work.

“It actually never occurred to me that I would stop working at the Bunny Ranch while I was pregnant,” she wrote on the blog.

“I loved working here before, with my average sex drive, and I am lovin’ it even more now that I have all of these hormones pumping!”

The 30-year-old already has twin girls and hopes this one will be a boy. Photo: Moonlite Bunny Ranch

Summer said when she found out she was pregnant she “immediately started doing research on having sex while pregnant” as she “needed to know everything”.

She sought advice from the Mayo Clinic, who said as long as her pregnancy is without its problems, she can continue to have sex.

She also explained some do’s and don’t for pregnant sex she’s learned so far from her experience.

“I can have sex in almost any position I want—just as long as I am “comfortable”!” she said.

Summer is working at the ranch to pay her way through medical school. Photo: Moonlite Bunny Ranch

“I know being with a pregnant girl sexually is a HUGE sex fetish for a lot of people, and I sure hope to accommodate you over the next six months!”

Summer began working at the ranch in 2015 and already has twin girls but is hoping her next baby is a boy.

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