WATCH: Incredible man makeover has shock ending

We all enjoy a good ol’ fashioned makeover, and this one featuring the world’s cutest couple Brandon and Clara Belle manages to take our love to a whole new level.

Incredible man makeover has adorable ending

Incredible man makeover has adorable ending

Appearing on the 'Rachael Ray' show, scruffy, long-haired Brandon offers himself up to the makeover gods (in this case, fashion guru Gretta Monahan) after constantly being critiqued against his ultra glam girlfriend.

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Looking like fashion chalk and cheese with Clara Belle in perfect curls and a fluffy pink jacket while he's in t-shirt and jeans, Brandon admits he doesn’t take it to heart when people say they don’t seem well matched

Brandon admits people think he's batting above his average when it comes to his relationship with Clara Belle. Photo: Rachael Ray

“It’s like a compliment to me because she’s so beautiful and I’m lucky to have a girl like her,” he says.

Fast forward a visit to the barber’s chair and a contact lens prescription, and Brandon steps out looking super suave, suited and stylish to Clara Belle’s delight.

Brandon looks like a completely different person after his makeover. Photo: Rachael Ray

His girlfriend can't hide her amazement at his new look. Photo: Rachael Ray

But the surprises don’t stop there, with Clara Belle left utterly shocked by the next big bombshell to be dropped – when Brandon drops a knee in front of everyone.

“I love you and you’ve been my best friend for a long time,” he says, taking her hand.

It's tears all round when the newly suited Brandon pops the question to his stunned girlfriend. Photo: Rachael Ray

“We’ve always been together, we’ve been through a lot. I’m never going to forget that and I would be honoured if you would be my wife.”

Needless to say, Clara Belle manages to nod a yes through her tears and the audience erupts as Brandon pulls out a dazzling rose gold ring.

Free pre-wedding makeover for the win!

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