Dad lets sex robot spend time with his kids

A dad has unveiled his ‘family friendly’ sex robot on TV, admitting he lets it sit around the house even when his kids are there.

Dad lets his sex robot spend time with his kids

Dad lets his sex robot spend time with his kids

Arran Lee Wright appeared on the UK show This Morning with ‘Samantha’, a sex robot he helped build.

“A sex robot is not to replace people and we’re not trying to replace women. It’s used as a supplement to help people,” Arran said on the show.

sex robot

Arran and his sex doll Samantha appeared on This Morning. Photo: Instagram

“I believe it can do that – it helps people enhance their relationships.”

Sex robots are essentially realistic dolls that have sophisticated movements that closely mimic humans so that they can be used to romp.

Asked where he stores ‘Samantha’ though, he told hosts Phillip Schofield and Holly Willoughby that he simply activates ‘family mode’.

sex robot with family mode

The dad says his robot has a 'family mode'. Photo: Instagram

This allows him to have her around his children, who are five and three-years-old.

When Schofield asked if she sat “on the sofa amongst the family”, he said: “My children, they say, ‘Where’s Samantha?’ So she can be at home and you ask her, ‘Tell me something about animals’ and she will.”

Schofield added: “What, she’s going to read the kids a bedtime story?”

sex robot on This Morning

This Morning hosts Phillip and Holly were intrigued by the revelations. Photo: Instagram

Willoughby said: “At some point they’re gonna go, “I’m old enough to realise that Samantha…Daddy has sex with Samantha, and Samantha’s not mummy”. Is that not a bit strange?”

His response was that the “world is changing”.

dad lets sex robot sit with kids

Arran's wife told viewers she was completely fine with Samantha. Photo: Instagram

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Surprisingly, Arran’s wife, who was in the studio, said she wasn’t worried by ‘Samantha.

“I’m not offended to have her around or worried she might replace me. Not at all. She’s just someone there like a family member,” she said.

“I’m not worried because I’m not replaceable. It has enhanced our relationship. We have fun with her. I am not worried about someone else for Aaron to have an affair. It’s fun to have her around.”

sex robot samantha

Viewers took to Twitter to voice their opinions. Photo: Instagram

It didn't take long for viewers to take to Twitter and voice their opinions.

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