Jonathan Pie Has a Few Suggestions for Theresa May

Fake news reporter Jonathan Pie has a few suggestions of his own for Theresa May, following the PM’s recent attempt to seek policy ideas from opposition parties.“I’ve got a suggestion,” Pie says looking directly at the camera. “Tell us your plans for Brexit.”“Tell us your strategy and what you’re hoping to achieve, then have a debate about it in parliament.”Pie also takes aim at Jeremy Hunt, suggesting that May should “fire” the longtime health minister in a “very public and humiliating way”.“It would give nurses a spring in their step.”Labour leader Jeremy Corbyn doesn’t escape Pie’s unique brand of criticism.“If I were him, I’d be s***ing my pants right now,” Pie says. “He’s ahead in the polls, which as we all know these days, is the kiss of f***ing death.” Credit: Jonathan Pie via Storyful