The Hype

Lindsay Lohan began serving her 90 day probation violation sentence on Tuesday. The fading star turned up at the Beverly Hills courthouse and was glitter bombed on her way in.

Lohan did not break down and cry as she did when she was initially sentenced however she was nervous and fidgety. Her attorney said "She's scared as anyone would be, but she's as resolute and she's doing it,"

As she was handcuffed and lead away to a holding cell her crazy father Michael yelled after her "We Love You Lindsay!"

She was then driven to the prison facility which was about half an hour from the courthouse. The prison has seen other female celebrities such as Paris Hilton and Michelle Rodriguez.

While Lohan will only spend approx. 2 weeks of her 3 month sentence behind bars due to overcrowding the judge has ordered that she cannot be freed on house arrest, electronic monitoring or work release.

Lohan was sentenced to 90 days in prison after she failed to attend more then nine of her court ordered alcohol education classes, the result of a 2007 DUI arrest.

Tell us what you think, does Lohan deserve jail?