Little girl's horrific hoverboard stack goes viral

Sarah Carty

If you thought your morning was going badly, then take a look at this video.

The footage, which can be watched above, shows a young girl on a hoverboard, showing off for the camera.

However, within seconds of the camera being turned on her, she ends up faceplanting right into the floor.

A little girl's incredible faceplant has been caught on camera. Photo: YouTube/Kids Getting Hurt
She decided to spin for the camera while on a hoverboard. Photo: YouTube/Kids Getting Hurt

The video, which was posted to Reddit and the ‘Kids Getting Hurt’ YouTube account, shows the girl hovering into the frame on the board.

Dressed in a striped onesie, she decides to give the cameraman a show by attempting to perform an act on the board.

She spins around a number of times, getting faster as she goes before stacking it on the floor.

The young girl’s family can all be seen having dinner in the background, unaware of the hilarious footage the cameraman has just got on tape.

She spun completely off the hoverboard. Photo: YouTube/Kids Getting Hurt

She completely stacks it onto the floor. Photo:YouTube/Kids Getting Hurt

“I can’t believe she held the spin that long. Then blam, to the dome,” one person commented on Reddit.

“I'm amazed those things don't have kinda safety to prevent spinning that fast,” another person said.

“It's needs to be in slow motion so the song can crescendo as she falls,” a Reddit user commented.

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