Little girl with alopecia attends crazy hair day

Abi Moustafa

Crazy Hair Day is always a fun and memorable school event, but for one girl this year’s day was even more special.

Meet Gianessa Wride, a 7-year-old who suffers alopecia, an auto-immune disease in which hair falls out due to the body's failure to recognise its own body cells and subsequent destruction of its own tissue.

Despite her condition, Gianessa attended her school’s crazy hair day and made sure she didn’t miss out by adorning her scalp with some gorgeous accessories.

Gianessa didn't let her condition get her spirits down! Photo: Instagram/daniellawride.

Gianessa, from Salem, Utah, started losing her hair at the beginning of this year.

Her hair has been falling out since the start of 2017. Photo: Instagram/daniellawride.

By the end of January, she was nearly bald and her mother Daniella took her to the hairdressers to have her head shaved.

Gianessa alongside her hairdresser when she underwent the big shave. Photo: Instagram/daniellawride.

And when her school threw a Crazy Hair Day, she reacted in the bravest manner for her young age. With the help of her mum, Gianessa had her head covered in jewel stickers that impressed her fellow classmates.

Gianessa looks like a happy camper with a blinged-up scalp courtesy of mum. Photo: Instagram/daniellawride.

Like most little girls, Gianessa “loves this kinda thing”, her mother told the Daily Mail.

“I know she just wants to be like other kids and just fit in and have fun,” she said. While temporary tattoos, body paint, and body glitter were considered, Daniella chose to use jewel stickers to bling-ify her little girl’s head.

As she decorated her daughter’s scalp with stick-on jewels, Daniella had to listen to Giannessa heartbreakingly ponder whether or not her friends at school would like her accessorised head. However, once she saw the masterpiece her mother had created Gianessa proudly said she was sure her classmates would love it as much as she did.

How sweet is the owl-inspired design? Photo: Instagram/daniellawride.

That afternoon, Daniella was pleased to pickup her daughter from school and hear all of the great feedback she received.

"She said, 'All the kids kept swarming me! They all LOVED it!' She said her teacher chose her for best 'crazy hair' in her class," Daniella explained.

The proud mother says her little girl has had an amazing attitude since being diagnosed with the condition.

“This girl is fierce and brave, way more so than I could have ever imagined,” she said. “There are times that I think I take it harder than she does. I remember just sobbing one night after she went to bed.”

“I truly don't care if she has hair or not. But it's the experiences I don't want her to miss out on: Crazy Hair Day, getting ready for dates/dances with friends and doing each other's hair,” she explained.

"You think things like: I hope someone just sees her for who she is her beautiful, sassy, smart, loving, kind self. Not just the girl without any hair."

Gianessa with her mum, dad and two brothers. Photo: Instagram/daniellawride.

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