Presenters lose it after sex joke on live TV

Rebekah Scanlan

An attack of the giggles can happen in the strangest moments.

So spare a thought for these newsreaders, who were struck down in the middle of a live broadcast, when their on-screen conversation took an unexpectedly sexual turn.

It started innocently enough, with a report about rechargeable lightbulbs. Source:

The humorous clip begins with a cross between a presenter in a studio and a reporter who appears to be on location.

As he concludes his item (on the lifespan of some rechargable lightbulbs, guys) he makes a comment that inadvertadely has a racy undertone.

“We’ll get there together,” he says, causing the studio anchor crack up.

He can't handle the naughtiness of the comment. Source:

“Well, don’t bet any money on that,” he says, trying to stifle his laugh.

He’s then due to crossover to the weather girl, Marie, but the giggle train has well and truly departed, and he appears to have completely lost track.

“Speaking of doing it yourself, that’s your kind of thing Marie, you love doing it yourself,” he says, as the screen switches over.

Initially, she doesn't seem too impressed but it's not long before Marie is in hysterics too. Source:

Marie is initially rather thrown by sexy nature of his introduction and lets out a rather awkward sigh, before she tries to continue.

But the giggles soon creep in and she can barely get her words out.

There's not getting him back now. Source

Her colleagues are also struggling to contain themselves, with the anchor being seen heaving with laughter into his mug.

For the next 20 seconds all you can hear is laughter, before professional Marie tries to steer things back on course.

The show must go on - eventually Marie manages to pull it back for the presenters. Source:

“Okay, good morning we’re back to reality now,” she starts.

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However, her good intention is powerless against the giggles and she soon starts laughing again, before composing herself enough to tell the audience “There’s always some sort of shennanigins” going on behind the scenes.

The saucy report is now going viral. We’re not surprised, it’s one of the funniest news bloopers we’ve ever seen!

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