Live TV's most risqué moments

Team Be

Live TV can be very risky business, as a BBC news anchor learned this week, after a clip of a woman doing a very NSFW strip tease was accidently played in the background of her bulletin. (If you missed it, check out the video above!)

But she isn't the first - and certainly won't be the last - to run into a bit of strife when the cameras are rolling straight to air.

She didn't notice that someone had their top off in the background!

Surely, the only thing worse than having a nude person crash your broadcast, is to be the nude person yourself, thanks to an accidental flash.

Argentinian TV star Virginia Gallardo, recently fell victim to that kind of wardrobe malfunction when she got excited about a comment on her hair and reached her arms up to her head - problem being, she was wearing a loose crop top and no bra...

A similar thing happened to Italian newsreader Costanza Calabrese, who won’t ever be sitting at a glass desk again!

Then there are the bloopers! Erin Molan suffered one last month after she fell off her chair mid-way through her sports bulletin.

Unfortunately for her, she also took a glass of water down with her when she hit the ground, so she was bruised and wet by the time she got up.

And who could forget that poor ABC journo who was daydreaming while on air...

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