The Hype
Liz Hurley and Shane Warne in late July this year. Credit: Getty Images

Liz and Shane (aka "Shurley") sparked dating speculation late last year, when the pair were caught kissing in a hotel elevator. Liz was subsequently forced to announce that her three-year marriage to businessman Arun Nayar was over, while Shane distanced himself from ex-wife Simone Callahan.

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Once declaring their respective separations, the Shurley relationship was played out publicly over Twitter, with the pair openly flirting on the social media site.

The cosy duo then created a media frenzy when Liz visited Shane in Melbourne earlier this year.

During said trip to Melbourne, Liz allegedly dumped Shane over rumours of infidelity.

Just weeks later, the couple were spotted out and about again. The loved-up duo have been going strong since the rumours of their split in March this year.

The loved-up duo in June this year. Credit: Getty Images

So, now you're caught up with the fast-paced romance of Shurley, we're back to the engagement reports.

While speculation is rife that Warnie got down on one knee while on a super yacht in Spain, Liz has taken to Twitter to clarify the rumours – sort of.

The actress made a scathing attack on journalists, tweeting: "When will talentless journalists stop using unattributed 'quotes'? A lazy & transparently obvious device to avoid actually doing any work.

"Why bother actually investigating anything? Just sit at your desk & make up 'friends' to say anything that suits your silly stories?" she added.

If Liz's tweets weren't strong enough evidence to refute the claims, Shane's rep, James Erskine, has spoken to WHO, saying that the rumours are "not true".

While Shane's rep has denied the rumours, we can only say that things are definitely getting serious between Shurley, with Liz declaring via Twitter that she'd like to escape the English winter and spend time in the Australian summer.