Broke man sells family blanket for $1.9 million

Allison Yee

One man has had a fairytale ending to a run of terrible luck after finding out a family heirloom blanket was actually worth millions.

Loren Krytzer tragically lost a leg in a near-fatal 2007 car crash and was living on disability payments of less than $300 a month.

During his recovery, the Californian local happened to be watching TV show Antiques Roadshow when he noticed one of the blankets being sold looked remarkably similar to one that was sitting in his closet.

Loren was recovering from a near-fatal accident when a TV show changed his life. Photo: CNBC

“I paused it, went and got the blanket and I’m sitting there going… ‘God, it looks just like it,’” he told CNBC.

Handed down to him by his grandmother, the Navajo weaving had been in his family since the 1800s.

After taking it to an auctioneer house, Loren was told the blanket could fetch up to $250,000.

The Navajo weaving on TV looked very similar to one in Loren's closet. Photo: CNBC

When it finally went under the hammer six months later, Loren was shocked when bidding started at $190,000 and even more so when auction ended with a whopping $1.9 million bid.

Loren became a millionaire overnight after the auction. Photo: CNBC

Loren put the money to good use, investing in real estate, stock, bonds – and an engagement ring for his girlfriend Lisa, who had stuck by him through thick and thin.

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